Jack Russells are our life at River Bottom .  Our first Jack Russell came to us in the form of a gift from my father.  We fell in love with her tenacity and grit as well as her complete devotion to us.  Twelve years later this wonderful breed of dogs is a major focal point in our lives.
We have 40 acres for the dogs to play and hunt on.  Our location is 1 hour SW of Little Rock. 

Membership in the JRTCA and adherence to the Breeders Code of Ethics is a vital part of our breeding program.  We are dedicated to promoting, preserving and protecting the working terrier.  Complete joy is going into the field with a terrier for the first time and watching the natural instinct to hunt be awakened, or to have one open up underground on quarry. 

Field trials during the year keep us in touch with others who share our interest in this amazing little terrier. The dogs can compete in racing, go-to-ground, barn hunt, lure coursing, agility, and of course the conformation ring.  Competition is intense, exciting, fun, and rewarding.

Welcome to River Bottom Terriers
Even though our terriers have been successful in the conformation ring over the years, breeding a show ring winner is not of paramount importance to us.  A happy terrier living with a happy owner is much more rewarding and what we strive for.
Prestige Farms Contessa is the 2011 National Under Racing Champion.
We are thrilled with her performance.